What are the benefits of being a HAM


1. When a Radio Amateur talks to other HAM of different countries by his radio then naturally he is making many friends around the globe. And we can say that you can get help in different ways from good friends.

2. Generally English is the medium of speaking with a HAM Radio, so for the people of Bangladesh this is a great opportunity to increase the fluency in English.

3. The friends who want to be an electronics expert and want to take it as a profession, they can get direct help from Amateur Radio.

4. Not only with the friends, but also you can talk with your family members. Say you live in Australia and your father live in Bangladesh. If you and your father both are HAM and both have the HF Radio then you can talk to your father for an unlimited time.

5. If you and your friends are students and all are HAM then it is a grate chance for you to do a group discussion about  any subject of your study.

6. As a HAM you can participate in any natural disaster of your country to save the people and help the people with the Radio. Even you can help other Emergency Service related organization like “Red Cross”, “Fire Service” etc.

7. You can use the radio as data transmission device from one PC to another PC. You can do experiments with different protocols and modulations.

8. Also there are many HAM Radio related Satellite in the sky. If you want you can do experiments even through these satellites.

9. We find many HAM who are quite old, they are mostly alone, so they use the radio to talk with their friends and they pass their time in this way. So in that case a HAM is never alone.

10. After passing the exam and getting the license and call sign you can talk using the “Club Station” Radio without purchasing a new Radio.

As a whole I think HAM Members are special people who are contributing in developing the new technologies in Radio communication. Also from Bangladesh we are using the satellites to communicate with other countries. We have setup an Echolink Repeater station, by the use of Echolink Repeater you can talk around the world by a cheap 2M VHF or 70cm UHF Radio. So in that sense, the HAM members are always the pioneers.


Prohibited Transmissions in Amateur Radio

There are some specific things one can not do on the Amateur Band. These are…

1. Accepting direct & indirect payments for operating an Amateur Station.
2. Broadcasting.
3. Political discussions.
4. Transmitting Music.
5. Aiding Criminal Activities.
6. Transmitting Code and Cipher.
7. Engaging in Obscenity, Profanity and Indecency.

Updated: July 31, 2017 — 12:54 AM
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